Small Freezers

Looking for a mini, compact freezer? These are perfect for small kitchens or small living spaces. Use these freezers as a small addition to your regular sized refrigerator and freezer, or to keep food frozen when space is very limited.

We’ll help you find the best one for your home. First, choose which type of freezer you want:

Small Upright Freezer

danby duf408we,upright freezerThese freezers are good when you want to use the top as storage for kitchen items or even a microwave. Or this type of freezer works well when you are placing these under a counter and will not have access to the top of the unit.

These typically come with divider racks inside so you can make better use of the space, and organize your food items by type.



Small Chest Freezer

small chest freezer

Chest freezers typically have access from the top. For this reason, these units cannot have anything placed on top permanently and are typically stand-alone or positioned by themselves.

Small chest freezers are good when you want to make the most of the space inside, since you will stack all the food on top of each other.



Why Use One Of These Freezers?

It’s a nice way to add more freezer space without committing to a large footprint of a regular size freezer. They’re very popular with college dorms, guest houses, living rooms, and even for outdoor storage.

It’s a good way to isolate the smell of particularly odorous items from the other freezer such as fish or meat.

These typically come with a front door or a lid on top depending on what kind of freezer suits your room best. For example, under counter storage in a game room or kitchen would work best with a front opening freezer. Chests that open from above can store more things and are good for tighter spaces like a small garage.

How To Choose A Freezer

The space you’re using the freezer in will quickly determine what types are suitable for you. Bulk storage tends to be better in a chest freezer or deep freezer, while the standard upright one provides a better display of food for easy organization and access.

The size is described in terms of cubic feet, which is pretty accurate, but it means little to most people. Check out pictures of the freezers with actual food in it and correlate that to the size posted. This will give you a starting point to determine the size you need. If you really need to, draw out the dimensions of a particular size freezer you want in the room to get a better feel for the size.


Take note of the cost of electricity on these, which is usually given by the manufacturer. It may also be measured by power consumption which you can easily look up. Some are more efficient than others, meaning it will cost you less and create less heat that will be given off into your room. The more efficient ones tend to have better insulation, keeping your food fresher too.