General Electric (GE) FCM5SUWW 5 Cu.Ft. Small Chest Freezer Review

general electric 5 cu ft chest freezer

This is a compact chest freezer for extra cold storage in the home. This small freezer has five cubic foot capacity and can fit into tight and small spaces.

It is energy efficient, costing approximately $30 per year to run.

It has a top lifting lid and strong seal to keep the cold in. It is offered only in white and looks nice in any space.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • This compact GE Chest Freezer features a sliding storage shelf that can be lifted out to make more room inside.
  • The shelf helps keep the freezer organized.
  • There is a power indicator light that shows when it is on, no more guessing if the freezer has lost power.
  • There is an adjustable temperature dial located on the lower front panel for added control over the items stored.
  • It has a top opening lid with a recessed handle for easy gripping.

What Other People are Saying

Owners praise the small compact design that fits easily into the home and looks great.  It is great for storing prepared foods for later use.  It is an energy efficient model and runs quietly.  It does not create a disruption when it cools.  The freezer’s shelf keeps ice cream bars from falling to the bottom.  The temperature control dial is easy to read and accessible and power indicator shows it is working.

Things To Look Out For

When buying this freezer make sure the model number is a match.  There are similar GE chest freezers with slightly different features.  Most customers agree that the only drawback to this product is the fact that frost builds up requiring the hassle of defrosting.  This top opening design is not made for using as a storage area or work platform.

Dimensions and Weight

It is a nice sized compact freezer with five cubic foot capacity.  It can freeze large items like soup containers, meats or tubs of ice cream.  The shelf designed to keep small things from falling can be removed for more inside space.  It is approximately three feet tall and two feet wide.   This compact size allows it to fit nearly anywhere.


The GE Five Cubic Foot capacity chest freezer offers extra cold storage space while fitting into small places in homes, apartments or garages.  It runs quietly and efficiently costing only $30 per year to run.  The white exterior makes it look nice in any space.

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